Past Event – National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP)’s 2009 Bay Area Advanced Marketing Boot Camp

The National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP)’s 2009 Bay Area Advanced Marketing Boot Camp was a unique, two-part program designed exclusively to help arts organizations capture the minds, hearts, and wallets of today’s arts consumers through marketing and earned income strategies.

44 organizations from Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties applied and 25 organizations were selected to attend the NAMP boot camp led by national leaders in the arts marketing field. This cohort included the following participants: Aurora Theatre Company, AXIS Dance Company, California Film Institute, Chhandam Chitresh Das Dance Company, Company C Contemporary Ballet, Creativity Explored, Crowden Music Center, Intersections for the Arts, KALA Art Institute, La Peña Cultural Center, Magic Theatre, New Conservatory Theatre Center, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, San Francisco Performances, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose Taiko, Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, San Francisco Camerwork, Shotgun Players, Teatro Vision, The Marsh, The Jewish Theatre, and Z Space Studio.

First Session

The first four day session was held July 16 – 19, 2009 at The San Francisco Foundation and led by Julie Peeler (Americans for the Arts) with Nancy Hytone Leb (Hytone Arts Management), Salvador Acevado (Contemoránea), Deborah Johnson Hall (Johnson & Associates Marketing), and Tom Holm (Enertex).

Day One

Julie and Nancy walked participants through Taming the Dreaded Situation Analysis, a three-part presentation overviewing major consumer trends affecting arts audiences, and conducting both a competitive and S.W.O.T. analyses.

  • Participants learned how to collect market intelligence and its application to their organizations (Taming the Dreaded Situation Analysis I).
  • How to creatively identify and asses who and what competes for their consumers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.
  • How to conduct an organization-wide objective analysis of internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats (Taming the Dreaded Situation Analysis III).

Day Two

  • Salvador discussed the importance of market segmentation and taught participants how to identify and target various arts segments (Finding Your Audience Through Market Segmentation).
  • Deborah presented information on audience surveys; when and how to use audience research to guide strategic planning and how to develop marketing programs to connect to new audiences or deepen connections with current audiences (Sleeping with the Enemy).
  • Julie taught participants the difference between mission and position, and helped them understand the role of positioning in audience development (Who Are You Anyway?).

Day Three

  • Julie helped participants identify a clear and obtainable objective for their marketing plans.
  • Tom presented the fundamental strategies and tactics of direct marketing; how to leverage data for best results, the importance of timing, and how to develop and maintain an effective database.
  • Participants brought a 3 minute presentation of a marketing tactic that they used with surprising or unusual results to share with the group.

Day Four

Julie explained the importance of the four marketing P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion (Minding Your Marketing P’s) before recapping information that she and other presenters had shared in the previous days. Participants then had a four-week break to draft a marketing plan before then next sessions.

Second Session

The second four day session was held August 13 – 16, 2009 at the East Bay Community Foundation and led by Julie Peeler (Americans for the Arts) with Nancy Hytone Leb (Hytone Arts Management), Salvador Acevado (Contemoránea), Chad Bauman (Arena Stage), Stephen Belth (Arts Marketing Network), Tyrha Lindsey (L.A.I. Communications), Joe D’Alessandro (San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau), and Philippe Ravanas (Columbia College Chicago).

Day Five

Julie reviewed the agenda for the next few days and then participants broke out into groups to review draft marketing plans with Salvador, Chad, Stephen, Nancy, and Tyrha.

Day Six

  • Joe discussed how a full cultural experience didn’t start when an audience member steps foot into an establishment and taught participants how to look beyond an organization into the community to turn their product into full cultural experiences.
  • Tyrha taught participants how to get the most out of their marketing budgets by utilizing both paid and grassroots media (Getting the Most Out of Your Media Buck).
  • Tyrha reviewed the current media transition to online outlets and taught participants how to craft a winning press release geared toward both old and new media (PR in a Wired World).
  • Chad presented the importance of retaining current audiences and letting them know that you value their loyalty (Audience Retention and Loyalty).
  • Tyrha highlighted the value of offering group sales to significantly decrease cost of sales, especially when reaching out to new audiences (Group Sales).

Day Seven

  • Philippe discussed how to access and improve marketing investments by reviewing return on investments.
  • Philippe presented the importance of pricing and reviewed both pricing analysis as well as strategies.
  • Chad reviewed the importance of electronic marketing and focused on website maintainence and email to effectively transform audience relationships and provide large impact for a relatively small cost.
  • Chad continued discussing online marketing and took an in-depth look at peer-to-peer marketing as a cost-effective sales paradigm that leverages social context to stimulate attendance in small social groups.

Day Eight

  • Stephen taught participants how to craft persuasive messaging, target visual presentation, and identify factors for their target audiences.
  • Julie reviewed how to properly allocate resources to execute newly developed marketing plans before recapping learnings from the second session and then giving an overview of regranting opportunities.

After completing their marketing plans with the information learned in the Boot Camp, 10 participants were selected to receive implementation funding. Grantees are currently in the second year of implementing their marketing plans.


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In 2008, The San Francisco Foundation (TSFF) and Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund (GFTA) embarked on a four-year funding partnership to encourage systemic and sustainable structural change in the relationships of Bay Area arts organizations to their audiences, supported by the Wallace Foundation. Community offerings during the grant period (2008-2011) included seminars, workshops, large public convenings, implementation grants, development of a regional shared mailing list, and expansion of the website.




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