Art Bar – The Next Two Hours

Lil' Miss Hot Mess

Tomorrow is the last chance to register for Beyond Dynamic Adaptability, which promises to be like no conference you have ever attended. The Art Bar is just one part of the program that distinguishes the event. As promised here is a look at the second hour of the Art Bar.

At some point you may have heard Alan Brown, the renowned researcher and Principle at WolfBrown, share his insights in some study, on a panel, stage, or breakout session. You have never heard him in conversation with Lil’ Miss Hot Mess – arguably San Francisco’s most outspoken drag queen known for blending camp, choreography, and radical politics. Unless this dynamic duo takes the show on the road this second hour at the Art Bar will be a once in a lifetime happening.

The Art Bar band is back with the second-hour addition of the keyboard and flute master John Calloway and amazing drummer Ruthie Price.

Musicians in the Art Bar band offer what might be a first life-time opportunity for many attendees. You can speak, rant, or sing your opinion in the open mic with the musical instrument/s of your choice. You want a hip-hop bass beat behind your as you make your point just tell Michael Shiono and he will back you up.  Want a classical Latin flavor on keyboard just tell John Calloway. The entire band can be your instrument. Todd Brown will “model” this in the first hour of the Art Bar in his “musicical conversation” in response to the Plenary.

How many ways can you participate? Beyond Dynamic Adaptability is pushing the limits on how audiences and presenters engage and interact, including how that happens at a conference.  You will be able to document your ideas through a Video Confessional Booth with Dr. Zebroski or succinctly express your views via haiku. Performers will be collecting your haikus and performing them throughout the day both in the Art Bar and in the nooks and crannies of the Memorial Marines Club, but we are open to your pre-conference haikus @WallArtsSF/#participarts.

Don’t remember the formula or spirit of the haiku form? Go to haiku for people at for a refresher and more. If you need permission to diverge from the rules see

I will serve as the metaphorical “sacrificial haiku lamb” here with only the second haiku I’ve written in my life:

Change flutters bird-like
Into our sometimes still air
Shifting thought currents.

See you in the virtual world until next Monday. For more information, and to register, please visit the event website.


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