Art Bar – The Third Hour Shakes

TAKE this Dance. SHAKE this Song.

That is what my co-curator Eboni Senai Hawkins has titled the third hour of The Art Bar, our “get-a-way where you can network, soapbox, entertain, be entertained, inform, initiate, and imbibe” at the Beyond Dynamic Adaptability conference, next Monday, October 24, 2011.

I am going to get out of the way and let the performers speak. First Eboni’s poetic description of what The Art Bar will morph into between 1:30-2:30pm:

We Have Questions, You Have Answers
Push to change the way your brain comprehends performance.
Six movement artists use the full arsenal of their skills to connect, rebel, skirt around, confront, and bear witness.
You will be asked how you feel and then asked to shout, sing, and dance it.
You will be asked to follow and to lead.
Step outside your head.
Ponder your feet, your hands, your solar plexus.
BE ready so you don’t have to get ready.
Accept Eboni Senai as she prepares the path with a question and a palatable offering.
Trust Yeni Lucero as she intuits your habitual gestures and flips them on end.
Rely on Nicole Klaymoon to inspire play in your limbs and activate your imagination.
Act out with Michael Velez as he invites you to a game and unravels your sense of what you know to be true.
Make your piece/peace with Brian Gibbs as he captures your moving image and dances with it, without you.
Respond to Anna Martine as she cooks up your thoughts and gives them rhythm.

Anna Martine will encourage participants to examine the difference between what they do, what their job is, and how that makes them feel. After collecting that input she will compile them into a call and response song that engages participants.

Yeni Lucero-Rivera will experiment with words and play with the concept of “Simon says.” Participants will explore their own psyche and mirror their own gestures and possible judgments. The experience will capture the emotion that comes with movement.

Art Bar band musicians: John Calloway, Karamo Susso, Ruthie Price, Michael Shiono, and Todd Brown will interact with the dancers via their music. You will able to interact with your body.

To find out if there is still space for you at this one-of-a-kind gathering go to Beyond Dynamic Adaptability.


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